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Welcome December 15, 2017 | 21:33
Admin (Administrator)
Posted on December 21, 2017 | 10:54


  • DonationPlease take a moment to review these rules detailed below. If you agree with them, then you may proceed with entering the website. No one from any Gaming companies, associated with any Gaming companies or any such affiliated company or its Related to any Game companies is permitted to enter these web sites or view any content contained within these sites at any time what so ever due to controversial reasons. You agree to give up all legal rights towards MU Online when Donating.
  • Definitions and Interpretations

  • "User" or "Users" means any third party that accesses the web site and is not employed by MU Online and acting in the course of their employment.
  • RefundsWe will not provide refunds under any circumstances. VIP Membership is voluntary, and if a user does not wish to be a member, he should not seek entry. If you are banned due to violation of our player rules, you will not get a refund. If you do not like the service, you will not get a refund. If you unexpectedly did not receive your certificate, and don't have any proof of your donation, you will not get a refund. You may appeal your case regarding your donation on the forums in the VIP Issues section, and we will review your case. It's not required for you to make a donation to enjoy the full experience of MU Online it's completely optional and is done at your own risk.
  • ExchangeIf you for any reason have store item(s) damaged, broken, lost, etc. you may not receive an exchange or replacement even if you have proof of your donation. Only a member of Management has the authority to replace your reward item if they feel the receipt you've presented is authentic.
  • Lost items and charactersDue to a lot of scams, MU Online is not responsible for lost items, characters etc. Only you are responsible for safety of your items, characters etc. Remember never share your account information with other users.
  • Charge BacksAny attempts to reverse donation will be met with an automatic and immediate permanent ban. All accounts tied to this IP address will be permanently banned. Our accounting team always contests each and every charge back and has a high success rate. If this fails, charge backs are routinely sent to a third-party collections agency, and the buyer's credit history will be affected if the charge is not paid for.
By Admin (Administrator)
Posted on December 21, 2017 | 10:54


Like any community needs some rules and regulations since human kind exists, MU Online also has few rules in order to keep the healthy gaming atmosphere and a fair treatment of every one who is member of this community. By signing up an account on MU Online you agree to following listed specified rules.

  • Using HacksHacking is against the rules and will be punished by a permanent ban immediately without a warning. MU Online does not tolerate any kind of usage of programs, software in order to get unfair advantage over other players.
  • Bug exploitsIf you are aware of any bug, you are highly recommended to report it to a staff member. You can use in game ticket feature or report it on the forums. Abuse of any kind of exploits will be punished on sight.
  • CheatsCheating is defined as any attempt to give yourself an advantage over other players. Though cheating is a subjective definition, we reserve the right to define a cheater per situation depending on the offense committed by that player.
  • Account sharingIt is in the policies of MU Online that you are not allowed to sell an account or character to a third person. Keep your connection informations to yourself. If you share or trade an account Staff won't help you in any problems! MU Online staff won't help you to get account back. MU Online staff will never ask you for your account informations i.e. password. Violators will be punished by a ban.
  • Begging for items / Scamming / Cheating GM / StaffMU Online Staff members are experienced, honest and friendly. Donot even try to scam, beg for items, black mail or any other kind of method to get free items, tokens, help which is unfair. That means receiving items or having the benefits of any other in-game features from possible abusing staff members. Your account may be suspended for this, depending on case. This is to be decided by staff.
  • No abusive conductYou do not need to like another player, but you will be respectful towards them. You may not use any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, sexist, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racial, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay or otherwise objectionable language toward any other player or staff member. This includes trolling, griefing and spamming. Furthermore, do not name any guilds or characters that are based on the above stipulations.
  • No posing as a staff memberCharacters or guilds imitating staff will result in immediate deletion and a lifetime ban.
  • FarmingFarming honor / arena / badges / tokens etc. using alts / multibox / friends is against the rules of MU Online and will be punished.We take this matter very seriously. Violators will suffer deletion of the characters that are on the same realms as the one they have farmed on.
  • Ticket system & In-game SupportAll MU Online GMs are freely volunteering their time to help players as best they can. Also, search our forums to see if your issue is already known. If you're sure your ticket is applicable, be respectful, brief, and to-the-point with the issue you are having. Tickets that do not follow these guidelines are subject to immediate deletion without a response.
  • AdvertisementAdvertisement is an offense that is always met with an instant ban. You may not market, promote or advertise any other servers or commercial products, or make any other form of solicitation on MU Online. This includes unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, sexist, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racial, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay or any other porn links.
  • Creating Drama and Accusing PeopleDon't accuse someone of being ninja, accuse a staff of power abuse etc. If you see someone who try to ninja looting or GM who abuse power than use Report Forum. Don't cry on world channel and don't make tickets in game about this. We have forum for report players and GMs.
By Admin (Administrator)
Posted on December 21, 2017 | 10:30
only 3  acounts from 1 ip adress allowed 
Another acounts will be permantly deleted also if you break this rulle after 3 warning your ip adress wil be blocked and accounts permantly blocked

By Admin (Administrator)
Special Christmas event
Posted on December 17, 2017 | 17:13
Buy any pakage ,at christmas event , recieve x5 more credits, also each purchase gains set +13 plus all.
And top 5 donators will gain special gift from administration. Merry X-mas and Happy new year! 
Enjoy playing our server. 

By Admin (Administrator)
server info
Posted on December 11, 2017 | 11:23

Grand Opening Date : Dec 12 2017 @ 9PM GMT+8
Playland mu Season 6 Episode 3 Classic

Server Information
  • Server name : Playland mu Classic
  • Server Version : Season 6 Episode 3
  • Server Rate : Midrate (1000x)
  • Drop Rate : 75%
  • Points Per Level : 5/7
  • Master Level Exp : 5000x
  • Maximum Master Level : 250
  • Maximum Level : 400
  • Maximum Stats : 32000
  • Maximum Opt : 7Opt
  • Maximum Socket : 3
  • Maximum Level of Socket : 5
  • All Items Socket : Enable ( Even Acient )
  • /Change : Disable
  • Reset : Enable
  • Webshop : Enable
  • Grand Reset : Enable
  • Vote for Credits : Enable
  • Exchange Hours : Enable
  • Custom Items : Enable
  • Double Handed : Disable
  • Hot New Ingame Event
  • Hot Rankings Ingame
  • No Delay pots
  • No Flinch
By Admin (Administrator)
Welcome to grand opening
Posted on December 11, 2017 | 11:22

All new players will receive 5,000 game credit for joining and you will receive a% bonus on your first purchase as well, if the amount exceeds € 10 you will receive a gift from the administration top voters at week end awards games credits plus items

By Admin (Administrator)
Posted on December 5, 2017 | 17:36
S6 EP3

Exp - 1000

Drop - 60%

PPL - 5/7/7

By Admin (Administrator)
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